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ROI-Focused Search Marketing

More than 190 million people use Google every month, making over 100 billion searches. When your potential customers search online, do they find you or your competitors? 

With a dual focus on SEO and SEM, we can make sure people find your business. Unlike most online marketing companies, our primary goal is providing outstanding return on investment for clients like you. 

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Turn Your Visitors into Customers

Once a visitor has landed on your site, do they become a customer for life, or do they take one look, throw up and leave? Conversion marketing is the science of turning visitors into paying customers.

Copywriting, layout optimization and A/B testing all factor into this critical component of online marketing. After all, it's not enough to simply drive more people to your site: it's what they do once they get there that matters.

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Find Your Prospects Where They're At

To get found by more customers, you have to be where they're looking. Most of us use Google, Bing or Yahoo for searching the web, but we spend plenty of time on other sites and checking email, too.

Using powerful tools like remarketing and hand-managed display advertising placement, we can create and target ads directly at your best prospects with pinpoint accuracy. And with the PPC (pay-per-click) model, you only pay for the advertising when people click through to your site.


We Brought This Ecommerce Retailer 4x Traffic and 2x Revenue In 6 Months


The graph above shows the growth in traffic and revenue of an ecommerce retailer's business. When we took on this client, they were averaging just over 19,000 site visits per month and $36,000 in ecommerce sales per month. After 6 months of SEO and Google AdWords PPC advertising, they saw an increase to over 78,000 visits per month and nearly $73,000 in sales per month: numbers they had never reached in their 15+ years of business.

How'd we do it? We worked closely with their webmaster to implement a solid foundation of on-page search engine optimization, then implemented an outreach strategy to build links from their top customers and vendors. Finally, we used our Google-certified expertise to design and manage a comprehensive Google AdWords advertising campaign, utilizing Product Listing Ads and Remarketing to guarantee that if a potential customer was looking for a product our client carried, they would see our client's site as a top option and would quite often make the purchase right then.


Officially Certified Premier Google Partner

Because of our ongoing dedication to giving our clients the very best service, we've been awarded Premier Google Partner status -- the highest tier available in Google's Partners program.

To stay in the Google Partner program, our PPC specialists have to stay up-to-date on the latest AdWords best practices, pass Google's certification testing each year, and consistently get strong results for our clients. And to keep our top-tier Premier status, our performance must stay in the top few percent of all Google Partners.

Beyond bragging rights, by being a Google Premier Partner, we get early access to new tools, techniques and data, plus a dedicated specialist from Google who provides support and insights for our clients' accounts.

Who benefits from all of that? You do.


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