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Don't be a hidden treasure.

There are millions of people searching Google right now, but they can't find your business. Whether you're a bike shop, a restaurant, a lawyer or a graphic design studio, people are searching for your services or products this minute. Do you want them to become your competitors' best new customers, or yours?

To get more customers, you have to be where they're looking. In the Portland area, that means more than just a shiny storefront with a cool sign in the Pearl.

It means when Lisa pulls out her iPhone to find the best-rated coffee shop in her neighborhood, yours is at the top of the list. Or when Bart emails Milhouse that he needs a new deck for his skateboard, your skate shop shows up right there next to his inbox.

Which brewhouse will be the one to claim Homer as a loyal customer? The first one that comes up when he searches for "Duff beer nearby".

As an official Google-certified online marketing company as well as a local business ourselves, at Blue Mint Marketing we know how hard it can be to bring in new customers. But we have the tools and skills it takes to help you bring your company to the next level. After all, we got you here, didn't we?

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We're officially certified by Google. (We know it's nerdy.)

We're officially certified by Google. (We know it's nerdy.)

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